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Al Shirawi Solar Expo

Established in 2016, Al Shirawi Solar provides full turnkey solar PV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates. As a “Shams- approved” solar contractor, we can expertly advise our clients on achieving their sustainability goals.

Al Shirawi Solar takes clients from initial design, obtaining pre-construction approvals, through to installation, commissioning and testing. In addition to ongoing O+M and continuous 24/7 online monitoring and support.

Our in- house team, consisting of DEWA certified solar electrical engineers and DM approved technicians, have completed projects ranging from small off-grid and hybrid systems, 2-5kwp up to 2MW of solar grid connected arrays. These systems are installed on a variety of roof types, as well as ground mounted systems.

Having established partnership agreements, with the leading tier 1 solar pv manufactures for both modules and inverters. We provide industry recognised premier brands that maximise our clients’ ROI. This safeguards their investment and mitigates the need to upgrade the system
before the end of its effective life.