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solar panels on dubai villa roof

What our Happy Customers Say

"The installation team were professional in their approach and highly courteous. They completed the work as agreed with minimal disruption and did so in a tidy and safe manner"

Mr. D

Rahat Mudon

"I am very pleased with our solar panel installation. We have had the panels for over a year now, and I enjoy checking how much energy they are producing, and the very low DEWA bills."

Home Owner


"Excellent service and communication from Simon and the team. Nice to have peace of mind of knowing we are helping the environment, and doing our part."

Home Owner

Meadows 7

"The solar installation process was straight forward, and the staff were very professional. Glad we made the decision to install solar pv on our villa. I have recommended them to our neighbors."

Home Owner

Emirates Hills

"I wanted to be one of the first in Dubai to install solar. I check my energy production every day"

Mr. B


"We have been looking to go solar for some time, and Simon was very professional and helpful. We wanted to do our part to help the environment and curb our emissions. Plus, if we ever want to sell our home, solar energy is a valuable home improvement that is attractive to buyers."

Meadows Villa Homeowner

Meadows 7

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How do Solar PV Systems Work

Solar panels are installed in “rows” referred to as “strings”
Sunlight hits the solar panels and DC is generated. This Direct Current is fed into an inverter and converted into Alternating Current. The AC is connected to your existing MDB “Main distribution board” and fed in as an alternative supply.

solar power

solar power is clean energy, solar power is from the sun, solar power is free, solar power helps the environment

Energy From The Sun

Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Power

Solar electricity is used as an alternative to the DEWA grid during the day.

Surplus Power

Any Solar electricity that is not used is sent back to your DEWA account and credited in KwHs. You can use this credit in the evenings when the sun goes down. 

Easy Installation

Al Shirawi Solar takes care of the entire process of your Solar Installation. Our team consists of DEWA Certified, Shams Dubai approved engineers and solar experts working to bring clean energy to Dubai.

After placing your order, we will keep you informed and up to date on all the aspects of the process.

We supply and install the panels, inverters and components, in accordance with the Shams Dubai program. And we obtain all the required permits and approvals for your home or building.


You can start saving money from the day your system is completed!

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